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Wednesday Warriors

Our Wednesday Warriors are always looking for more members to join. So if you have 4 hours to spare every Wednesday, then come on down. We tackle all types of jobs.
 Grounds Crew
Weekly Jobs
20190227 114456  
The Poison Man Dave Eley in action removing tree suckers.  
20190220 113632 20190220 114201
Joe Morris (left) and Dave Hocking watering trees Allen Robertson (left) with Andy Ryder backfilling trenches
20190220 114846 20190220 121038
Rhys Hooper filling sand bins around the course Club stalwart Colin Sharpe has the job of maintaining sprinklers
Container Upgrade
20180621 113952 20180621 114039
20180629 113126 20180704 103904
20180704 103923 20180704 134458
The club has purchased a 2nd hand container to house some of the maintenance tools in. The boys have spent some time in restoring the container and looks great with a new coat of paint. Well done to Rhys, Robbo, Joe and Andy, especially Rhys for the hours he has spent in cleaning up the area.



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