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Life Members

Mawson Lakes Golf Club acknowledges the wonderful service the following Life Members have made to the Club over many years.

Year  Name   Peter Williams
Our newest Life Member - Peter Williams
with Club President, Peter Thomson
2015  Peter Williams
2014  Keith Oxley
2014  Mick Brown
2007   Peter Thomson 
2001   Roger Spears 
1999   Ed Donohue 
1999  Anne Bishop (L) *
1998  Richard Nelson
1997  Gordon Hewitt *
1992  Margaret Hewitt (L) *
1992  Ken Randell
1991  Ron Currie *
1988  Bruce Bovard *
1988  Paul Hubbard
1987  John Gately *
1987  Colin Sharpe
(L) Ladies
* Donates Deceased
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