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In this section we will keep Members up to date with latest club and course developments.

A new Driver/Long Iron practise tee has been built on the old 2nd fairway facing across the current practise area. Many thanks goes to our Wednesday Warrior boys plus new Warrior Nick Yanakopulos and some of our members, Paul Lawless, Ray Harris, Peter Winwood and Geoff Nunn who came out and helped lay the 150sq/m of grass. Follow the change below
20190916 124830 20190916 124904
20191009 090405 20191009 090414
20191009 164154 20191010 171529
The latest course upgrade has just been completed which was part of our last grant to upgrade the old course sprinkler system to the new system. We also refurbished the 2nd hole to remove areas where water laid during heavy downpours but this meant adding a bunker to the front right hand of the 2nd green and laid storm pipes to remove this excess water. Many thanks goes to our Wednesday Warrior boys, Ben Smith from TurftechSA and 15 of our members who came out and helped lay the 150sq/m of grass. Follow the change below
20190827 155734 20190828 111428
20190828 124009 20190830 131319
20190830 131517 20190911 124457
20190918 095808 20190918 101329
The WEDNESDAY WARRIOR boys relaid turf on the 3rd and 7th fairways. They laid 100 square metres in about 4 hours. Not bad for the old boys in Dave Hocking, Joe Morris, Rhys Hooper and Andy Ryder and thanks to Ben from TurftechSA in supplying the fertilisers and breaking the ground up.
20190710 090907 20190710 093202
20190710 121714 20190710 093122
More work has been done by our Wednesday Warriors to upgrade the dusty paths around the course. Thanks to Allen Robertson, Rhys Hooper, Dave Hocking, Joe Morris, Andy Ryder and Colin Sharpe.
20190508 135553 20190508 124326
20190508 123243 20190508 113910
20190508 112152 The Wednesday Warriors in action on the roller
Work has begun on the sprinkler upgrade to the 3rd and 5th fairways thanks to grant from the government. LCS Landscape are carrying out the upgrade. This will be connected to the main computer watering system put in at the main course redevelopment. It will allow better water and grass coverage over the fairways.
20180925 153935 20180925 153947
20180926 125224 20180926 125231
Work is just about complete on the Ladies Changeroom upgrade. Many thanks must go to Brett Strickland and his company Australian Classic Homes for the work their contractors done.
20180725 175112a
20180725 175129a
20180727 153019
Work for the Dole Supervisor, Bob Woodfull will be starting the upgrade of all paths around the course. All paths will be levelled with road base material and finished with a layer of dolomite.
Work has commenced on the Ladies changeroom upgrade. The new ladies shower booth has been installed. Thanks to Vice President Brett Strickland and his company, Australian Classic Homes for the overseeing of the project.
20180425 181523
Work for the Dole have been working on the verandah area ceilings since January are are nearly complete. Another great job by Richard (Supervisor) and all the workers that attended.
The end of the new verandah has been fluted to protect members and guests from stray balls. This work was carried out by one of our members in Gary Mathews. Great job Garrrrry.
20180501 172857 20180502 173922
20180502 173828 20180502 173850
All projects have just about been completed. Again some great work done by the Work for the Dole crew in revamping the front garden bed and completing the paving around the 1st tee with the last job of lining the hitting nets.
BBQ area now complete and will be operational for the Monthly Medal day on the 7th October.
TC at the helm of the new BBQ 20171006 120818
20171006 111641 20171006 111259
20170929 110125 20170929 110143
20170922 132321 20170920 112241
Work has continued on the paving around the 1st tee block and just about complete. The new BBQ area has commenced with bulk head and brick walls.
20170914 175405 20170914 175309
Work has continued on the paving around the 1st tee block and the retainer wall on the 5th tee block. The weather has not been kind to the Work for the Dole crew but are making progress.
20170901 124956 20170901 151243
20170901 151255 20170901 165152
A lot of new work has been done in the last 2 months around the club. The Work for the Dole crew have continued with some more great work on the 5th and 6th tee blocks also the painting of the Mens toilets, both inside and outside, the paving between the shed and the paving around the 1st tee block. New concrete has been laid and new outdoor furniture has now been installed under the new verandah with many thanks to Dave Hocking, Rhys Hooper and Joe Morris for installing these.
20170817 151722 20170817 134832
20170816 120704 20170824 164319
20170816 120829 Shed Paved
20170824 164829 20170824 165125
20170824 164747 20170824 164805
1st tee block wall complete. Well done again to the lads from Work for the Dole, great job.
1st tee
Some of the lads who had a beer for Bruce Mobbs under the new pergola. RIP Mobbsy.
The new pergola is being installed this week along with the completion of the 2nd tee retainer wall. Well done again to the lads from Work for the Dole, great job.
20170615 163117  
20170615 105317 20170615 105411
The 4 new golf buggies arrived this week. New pergola going up on Thursday 15th June
20170608 132524A
The new hitting nets and shed concrete floors were installed this week. Thanks to Sonia & Jim Van T Oosten's grandson Scott McMillan, from McMillan Concrete Construction. Great job.
20170601 110545 20170601 164026
More photos of the finished 8th /17th tees blocks and the start of the 2nd. New path grading and topping will follow.
20170601 161448 20170601 161517
20170601 161316  
The new hitting net frames got installed by the 1st hole tee block. Preparation for the shed concrete floor. Thanks to Ben and the boys from our Grounds Crew, in Colin Sharpe, Andy Ryder and Joe Morris
Hitting Nets Shed Floor
The retainer walls are progressing nicely. 17th just about done. Again well done to Geoff and the lads from Work for the Dole
8th Tee 2 8th Tee 3
Shed contruction complete, now for the concrete floor.
Shed 2
The 8th Tee retainer wall is complete. Well done to Geoff and the lads from Work for the Dole.
8th retainer wall
The Buggy shed extension for 6 buggies has begun and hopefully we will have it finished by the end of the month.
Buggy Shed
A new bar floor has been laid and looks great and feels great under foot. Thanks to Choices Flooring.
Floor Floor1
Its all starting !!!
The Work for the Dole scheme has started at the club, with the first project being retainer walls on some of the tee blocks. They will be on course for 6 months doing several projects. We ask all Members, Guests and visitors to adhere to the safety flagging when approaching the tee blocks or other areas. Some tee blocks might be changed for competition days.
New flooring behind the bar will be done on Thursday 20th April.
Revamping the entrance area through to the Ladies toilets is being investigated as part of a government grant (through Susan Close) for improving facilities for Women in Sport.
We have an application to the council for a grant to purchase a new PA system.
Retainer walls down one side the tee blocks on the 1st, 2nd, 5th/14th, 6th/15th and around the back and side of the 8th/17th are also being looked at.
We are currently finalising quotes on the shed, pergola and hitting nets, so work will commence soon.
The new window overlooking the 9th green was completed in early December 2016. Many thanks must go to Brett Strickland and his company Australian Classic Homes for the installation work.
Window1 Window2 Window3  
A new buggy has been bought using funds received from a government grant. We also will be adding 3 more buggies to our fleet (4) once the new shed extension has been completed. All buggies are as per the photo below.
New Buggy
The club was successfull in receiving a $25,000 dollar for dollar grant which will be used to upgrade facilities for the Members and visitors of our club. The items are:
  • New window to look out over the 9th green.
  • 3 metre extension to the shed for the storage of 6 buggies. (Sorry all spaces have been taken)
  • 50 square metre pergola looking out over the 9th green with outdoor furniture.
  • 2 hitting nets alongside the 1st tee block for use by Members before teeing off.
  • New BBQ area to be built under the new pergola.
Two other grants were received to upgrade the sprinkler system on the 7th from the 200 metre mark to the green. Sprinklers now run parallel to the fairway. This concept was also done to the whole 8th fairway to give us better watering coverage. Both fairways now have full grass coverage.
A grant was obtained to install two 5 metre high netts on the 9th for safety to members and vistors outside the clubrooms.

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